• WEBINAR: Recover Margin and Build E-Comm Pricing Credibility

    Big events have a way of speeding up the inevitable. You’ve probably seen the impact of the shut-down on both your traditional and online sales.
    Ask yourself, 1. What will be the impact on 2020 earnings; and 2. How fast can you increase your earnings?

    It may sound odd at first, but pricing is the fastest and surest path to higher profit. Start with the math. What else would match the impact of 1 more point of margin? For most distributors that’s equal to a 25+% increase in EBIT. Think how much you’d have to increase sales to match that. In this webinar, we will discuss:

    • Methodology that will allow you to get in the fast lane on margin improvement
    • Simplifying maintenance across the board
    • Directing the right price to your E-Comm site

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