• Voice of Contractor Episode 9: The Data Driven Impact of COVID-19

    In our longest, yet most robust episode yet, HARDI CEO, Talbot Gee, sits down with Vahe Kuzoyan, the Co-Founder of ServiceTitan, to discuss the data they have of their contractor customers performance throughout COVID-19. Kuzoyan tells us where his customers expect to end the year, shares best practices of their most creative & innovative contractors, and how aggressiveness and effectiveness of marketing, advertising, and communication to customers set contractors apart throughout COVID-19.

    Service Titan shifted operations in response to COVID-19 and developed a Contractor Playbook. Check it out and share it with your customers to help them realize success!

    “Contractors should view this time as a growth mode, not just a survival mode” – Vahe Kuzoyan, Service Titan

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